Is the Wholesale Underground Review Worth the Price?

Many people interested in starting a business on Amazon have heard of the Wholesale Underground Review. It is an online course run by detective-turned-entrepreneur Marvin Leonard, and it teaches students how to sell products at FBA warehouses. It includes six training modules and a private Facebook group, where Marvin actively helps his students.

Incentivized reviews

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While gaining customer trust is a top priority for most businesses, some retailers are still struggling to gather enough reviews to boost their visibility and credibility online. One way to encourage more reviews is to offer incentives like discounts, free items, and entry into giveaways. However, incentivized reviews can have negative effects on your reputation, so it is important to be aware of the risks and drawbacks of this method.

While incentivizing reviews may seem tempting, it is against the Federal Trade Commission’s rules and can lead to legal penalties. In addition, it is often not effective in boosting ratings and sales, as many consumers recognize incentivized reviews for what they are. Moreover, incentivized reviews may even lower your search engine rankings.

The most obvious disadvantage of incentivizing reviews is that it can make them skewed and not represent the true sentiment of the reviewer. While bribery is not technically illegal, offering cash, prizes, or coupons can influence the sentiment of the review and create a biased online community. Incentives also have the potential to violate platform policies, and this can result in deleted reviews or search ranking penalties.

To avoid these issues, focus on encouraging organic reviews instead of incentivized ones. If you do decide to offer incentives, make sure that you clearly disclose them in your review submission form and use a dedicated campaign ID for each solicitation to identify them in Portal reports. In addition, you should make sure that the incentivized badge is displayed on your website so that shoppers can see it and be warned.

Incentives are a great way to boost your ratings and sales, but you need to be careful about how you do it. The best approach is to build your reputation through exceptional service, high-quality products, and genuine engagement with customers. This will help you generate more organic reviews and improve your conversion. In addition, you should maintain clear records of any incentives you offer and follow the best practices for reviewing user-generated content. These guidelines will ensure that your reviews are authentic and reflect the customer experience.

Marvin Leonard

In 1918, Marvin Leonard and his brother Obadiah Paul “Obie” opened a small store that sold groceries and salvaged merchandise. The business grew and by the 1930s, it was an enormous department store that occupied six city blocks in downtown Fort Worth, Texas. It was the largest single-site purveyor of meat, groceries and baked goods in the state. It even operated its own dairy, making its own pasteurized milk, butter and ice cream. It was so popular that the legendary Willie Nelson wrote a song about it, Pretty Paper.

The Leonard Brothers’ legacy was such that they made the city of Fort Worth synonymous with shopping. They donated to many local charities and were major philanthropists in the community. They also supported their family’s farm in Linden, Texas.

During the Great Depression, the Leonards knew that it was important to help their community survive. That’s why they created the Leonard Foundation and offered scholarships to students who wished to attend college. They also provided jobs for people who needed them.

In 1960, Marvin and his friends gathered to go to the prom in Conway, Arkansas. The superintendent called and told them that severe weather was threatening the area, so the school decided to end the prom early. The teens opted to go to the Sunset Cafe on Markham Street instead. A few minutes later, Marvin and his friends got into a fight with two men in the bar. Marvin slipped on the stairs and hit his head. He died shortly thereafter.

An autopsy revealed that he had no alcohol in his bloodstream, and his death was ruled accidental. The Williams family was devastated by the verdict and began to suspect foul play. A visit to the state crime lab led them to a white man named Charles Hackney, who was in jail on the night of Marvin’s death.

Several companies are offering paid incentives for customers to write positive reviews on their products. However, it’s important to note that this practice is against Amazon’s terms of service. To avoid being swayed by compensated reviews, you should look for public testimonials and success stories.

Amazon FBA business model

The Amazon FBA business model allows sellers to use the company’s warehouses to store and ship products on behalf of their businesses. It also helps them take care of customer service and returns, reducing their operating costs and overhead. This can make it easier for small businesses to compete with large retailers online. In addition, it provides an opportunity to leverage the brand recognition of Amazon.

To maximize the profits of an Amazon FBA business, you should focus on sourcing the right product for your market. This involves conducting market research and identifying unique products that are not available in the market. Then, you need to find a supplier who can provide these products at a competitive price. Once you’ve sourced your product, you need to label it correctly so that Amazon can easily identify and track it.

Another important factor in evaluating an Amazon FBA business is its sales history. Generally, a business that has been in operation for many years will have a higher valuation. This is because it will have more sales data and an established track record. However, you should keep in mind that some businesses are seasonal and may only produce sales during certain months of the year. This may have a negative impact on the valuation of your business.

The best way to build an Amazon FBA business is to develop a clear plan that includes vision, goals, strategy, market, competition, finances, operations, and more. This will help you stay focused, avoid costly mistakes, and achieve success faster. You should also think about your target audience and how you can help them. This will help you develop a unique value proposition (UVP) that sets you apart from your competitors.

While the Amazon FBA business model can be lucrative, it’s important to consider all of the risks and benefits before making a final decision. Before you start selling, you should have a clear understanding of what you’re getting into and how much it will cost you to run the business. Once you’ve made a decision, you can move forward and grow your business.


Whether wholesale underground review is worth the price tag depends on a variety of factors. For example, it is important to consider the amount of information you receive and how comprehensive it is. You should also assess the value of bonuses, templates, and videos. It is also helpful to pay attention to public testimonials and success stories, although they may not provide the full picture. Additionally, you should take into account Amazon wholesale setup costs and whether Marvin Leonard offers a private Facebook group and practical experience.

In addition to being a global phenomenon, the incentivized reviews industry is a lucrative one for jennies and agents. Many of them are recruited through running ads on Facebook and Instagram and are paid between $4 and $5 for each review, plus a free product.